Cake Smash

多得有你地咁專業,上門幫我剛出世day 7 嘅仔仔影newborn photo, 每一個造型都好喜歡!! 全程好smooth!! 好專業!! 好放心將仔仔交俾佢地擺各種不同嘅 poses
Mandy Li Po Man
The studio is so nice n well-equipped. At the very beginning, I planned to ask Coral to come home for the photo-shooting but I changed my mind n went to the studio, everything was so nice there, felt comfortable as Coral was soo patient n professional. Looking forward to seeing the great photos
Claudia Wong
Cindy Ng
Our Cake Smash session ranked the most popular way to celebrate your beloved’s 1-year old birthday!
All the funny moment while your baby tasting a yummy birthday cake by Vanlily Cake Shop the first time won’t be missed by our skillful team. Don’t worry about the mess afterwards, our studio has private wash room and a warm bath will also be provided.


60 分钟私人时段
$ 3600
  • 低糖少甜忌廉蛋糕 Vanlily Cake Shop
  • 1 款玩蛋糕造型场景
  • 拍摄后提供暖水浴
  • 全部调色相片 (40+张)
  • 3 个月免费云端相簿
#节省 $900


90 分钟私人时段
$ 4600
  • 低糖少甜忌廉蛋糕 Vanlily Cake Shop
  • 1 款玩蛋糕造型场景
  • 1 款Baby Portrait造型场景
  • 亲子照拍摄*
  • 拍摄后提供暖水浴
  • 全部调色相片 (100+张)
  • 15 张精修相片
  • 6 个月免费云端相簿
#节省 $1800
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