Baby Portrait

Cherry Cheung
很舒服的攝影環境, 攝影師很有耐心引導, 拍出的照片超滿意!
Vanessa Kuo
感谢攝影師和助手用心的拍攝,Studio 環境清潔,貼心照顧媽媽,BB和同行來拍攝哥哥的需要。十分滿意。
Clara Tse
If you are looking for a memorable celebration for your baby between 6-month to 2-year old, this is what we recommended. Designed for babies who can sit, crawl, walk or whatever, we provide every lovely costumes and props at your desire, and capture the truest moment of your beloved through our lens.


60 分钟私人时段
$ 3000
  • 1 款宝宝造型场景
  • 全部调色相片 (40+张)
#节省 $800


90 分钟私人时段
$ 4000
  • 2 款宝宝造型场景
  • 亲子照拍摄*
  • 全部调色相片 (100+张)
  • 15 张精修相片
#节省 $800
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