好開心搵到你地為我雞蛋仔影相 ~ 你地團隊好專業完全可以放心放手交低俾你地自由發揮 ~ 完全可以為我們一家留下珍貴又美好時刻
Salad Lui
好多謝攝影師 Coral 及團隊為我 Bella BB影上門 Newborn,其實BB已經over 40日超齡,不過 Mouton 團隊仍然可以拍出NB效果。團隊十分專業,有耐性,啲道具亦好靚。之前有擔心BB未必可以拍攝3小時都乖乖合作,Mouton團隊原來早有準備加細心安撫BB,拍家庭照要兼顧BB加狗狗都拍好多take追求更好,整個過程及收到既精修相都十分滿意。
Renee Siu
一心諗住上Studio影Newborn,但又因為私人原因所以錯過左最佳拍攝時期,周圍揾之下,一d就只有上門,一d就話已經過左時期,做唔到Newborn效果!好彩最終揾到 Mouton!仲已經標明有 XL Newborn, 太開心!攝影師Coral 同助手姐姐都好有耐性,對bb完全有一手, 好放心交阿囡俾佢地!阿囡咁醒瞓都搞得掂,真係好開心揾左你地呀!當晚仲即刻收到3張精修相,好靚好鍾意,期待其他靚相!
Dorothy Tse

Our Chief Photographer - Coral POON

Coral is passionate in recording the beautiful moments of life for her clients. Since 2013, Coral has conducted over thousands of maternity and newborn photoshooting sessions, but she never stopped exploring new inspiration and finessing her skills.
Her artworks were well recognized at world class photography contests.

Our Studio

Our studio has over six meters wide French window which make shooting with natural light a perfect idea, moreover the space is cozy, clean and baby-friendly. We wish every client having a remarkable experiences with us.

Why us ?

Newborn Baby Photography has always been popular overseas. With great demand and emergence of professional newborn baby photographers in Hong Kong, various trendy styles are now available for the market. Newborn baby photography aims to combine photography techniques with an artistic touch, seizing the chance to capture the forever moment of your beloved newborn arriving this world; also inviting everyone to enjoy the process of photography, sharing the delight that the birth of your newborn brings.

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Some may ask, most babies keep their eyes closed right after birth, will every photo look the same? Why not simply take a selfie?

We make a huge difference!

A professionally trained newborn baby photographer, can safely and swiftly pose a newborn baby in all different styles. The photographer has to know the language of newborn babies, and handle the shooting with experience. After all, we know that taking care of newborn babies requires a high level of patience and consideration, in which we, Mouton Photography, has absolute confidence.

Mouton Photography’s photographer Coral was attracted by the beauty and techniques of newborn baby photography overseas at the beginning, and decided to bring this field of skills back to Hong Kong, encouraging more parents to realise the rich meaning of newborn photography.

Coral has won numerous awards in international competitions. Besides being grateful for the success of being internationally recognised, she wishes to give back to Hong Kong through her creations.

Most props we use in shootings are procured from abroad , with careful attention to the choice of fabric. The commonly used wool fabric can best demonstrate the raw and pure touch of newborn babies. To shoot with perfection, equipment and tools are essential. We have studied better quality props and those you can bought easily from the market — the results are totally incomparable. More importantly, we do not want to be lazy with anything babies come in touch with. For example all newborn baby props will be sanitised before and after shooting, and all baby clothes will be hand-washed with special laundry detergent designed for babies. Our dedication to details will be shown in the final product, and presenting you the happiest experience will be the best proof of our efforts.

The moment we click the shutter will become memories that you will smile at when you look back; and this is what our team hopes to bring you — the warmth, and the sweetness.

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Awarded Photography Masterpieces

These awards actually belong to our Mouton Team.
To walk such a distance to present day, we rely on the heart-united team that pay their greatest effort all the time. 
More importantly is the support from our babies’ mothers, they motivate our Mouton team to try more new styles and move ahead.
All thanks to the recognition and encouragement from the judges, pushing us to be better, to strive for excellence, and to capture the amazing moments of our babies!
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