Wai Man
攝影師同團隊非常有耐性, 即使上門都帶左好多拍攝道具同架生, 好專業而且又好快有部分相睇, 誠意推介
Doris Kwok Hei Ching
由大囝影 newborn相片,直到細囡的大肚照&newborn相片,都係搵亞珊幫手拍攝,好滿意她的安排&拍攝
Michelle Wong
We highly recommend to arrange the newborn shooting between 5-14 days after the baby is born. Newborn babies are used to long period of sleeping inside the mother’s womb, with extremely good body flexibility, and insensitivity to all noise or light disturbance from the outer world. In the babies’ dreams, we can easily pave our way to successful shootings. Please don’t hesistate to ask us directly if you have any question.
You may reserve our maternity and newborn photography as early as 3 month of pregnancy. Due to popular demand, we highly recommend our client to reserve in earlier dates. We would keep in touch with our clients therefore the actual shooting date could be adjusted if needed.
No. The expected date of confinement is only a reference. Babies do not usually born according to the expected dates. We will reserve flexible time to accommodate your schedule, making sure all clients who make early bookings can have their shootings in the best timing.

Our team will set lighting at the shooting location and comfort the baby, getting prepared for the session. If the baby has physiological needs, we will also adjust the shooting rundown with flexibility.

Your home, or our studio. Feel free to choose.

We will send you a detailed shooting reminder before shooting.

2-4weeks after shooting. We will organise and upload the photos to our cloud photo album, for you to download. Chosen photos for fine-retouching will be ready 1 month later. All sorts of products will be delivered to your chosen SFexpress stations/convenience stores/working locations.

Please click Contact Us to make a reservation. Bookings are confirmed after we receive your deposit; invalid otherwise.

Basic Poses are essential to the newborn shooting for practical reasons. They will help the baby entering deep sleep. Basic Poses involve the baby being wrapped by soft cloth, which immitates the pose and feeling when the baby is still in mum’s belly.

For Advanced Poses, which are arranged after Basic Poses, involve poses such as the baby sleeping on his/her stomaches or sides or a tiny baby sofa, with newborn costumes or in nude. All Advanced Poses need to be guided by professionals. Our Chief Photographer, Coral POON, would be in charge of all the Advanced Poses.

Please check out our photo albums for more photo reference.

Other than Maternity and Newborn Photography Packages, we offer various kind of photography services, including:

– Fresh 48
– 100 Days Baby Package (props and costumes provided)
– Baby Package (props and costumes provided)
– Cake Smash Package (props, costumes, cake provided)
– Family Portrait Package
– Newborn, Student, and Professional ID Photos
– Professional Portraits

Please contact us through WhatsApp 62202898 for details.

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