Cake Smash

Cake Smash

多得有你地咁專業,上門幫我剛出世day 7 嘅仔仔影newborn photo, 每一個造型都好喜歡!! 全程好smooth!! 好專業!! 好放心將仔仔交俾佢地擺各種不同嘅 poses
Mandy Li Po Man
The studio is so nice n well-equipped. At the very beginning, I planned to ask Coral to come home for the photo-shooting but I changed my mind n went to the studio, everything was so nice there, felt comfortable as Coral was soo patient n professional. Looking forward to seeing the great photos
Claudia Wong
Cindy Ng

Splashing Colors of Celebration:
Health and Creativity Combined in Cake Smash Photography by MOUTON Photography

A baby’s first birthday is a significant milestone, and on this special day, Mouton Photography collaborates with Vanlily Cake to present a creatively crafted and health-conscious Cake Smash photography experience. In this joyful and laughter-filled occasion, our photographer captures the purest essence of your baby through the lens.

Here are a few aspects we prioritize in our Cake Smash photography:

  1. Health Comes First: We choose low-sugar cakes provided by Vanlily Cake, and all photography props are carefully selected with your baby’s safety and well-being in mind.
  2. Unleashing Creativity: We create multiple themed backgrounds for your baby, allowing them to freely enjoy the delightful moments with the cake.
  3. Documenting Moments: Our professional photographer captures every precious moment, documenting the collision of sugar and love.

Here are some questions you may have:

Q1: Can I choose the cake for the Cake Smash photography?

A1: To ensure your baby’s health, we use low-sugar cakes provided by Vanlily Cake. You can choose the cake style based on the photography theme.

Q2: How will the baby be cleaned after the photography session?

A2: We understand that babies may get messy during the session. We provide a warm water bath for your baby to clean up before leaving.

When your baby’s first birthday approaches, let Little Lamb Photography provide a happy and safe Cake Smash photography experience, interpreting a party filled with sweetness and love. Our dedicated team focuses on capturing the moments of your baby’s first year, aiming to create a unique memory for your little one that goes beyond just a photograph. We look forward to the opportunity to create an unforgettable birthday celebration for you and your baby.


60 Minutes Private Session
$ 3600
  • 1 Cream Cake by Vanlily Cake Shop
  • 1 Cake Smash Costume & Scene
  • Picture With Parents Before Cake Smash
  • Warm Bath Provided after Shooting
  • All Color Corrected Images (40+pcs)
#Save $900


90 Minutes Private Session
$ 4600
  • 1 Cream Cake by Vanlily Cake Shop
  • 1 One-Year-Old Catch Costume & Scene
  • 1 Cake Smash Costume & Scene
  • 1 Baby Portrait Costumes & Scenes
  • Family Portrait*
  • Warm Bath Provided after Shooting
  • All Color Corrected Images (120+pcs)
  • 15 Fine Retouched Images
#Save $1800
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