Identity Photo Package

This studio is by far the best in the industry. A bunch of dedicated and loving staff greets you at the door like welcoming you into their house! The place is tidy, neat, clean and above all, the sunshine penetrating from curtain wall adds a natural touch to the back drop which is simply amazing.
Charles Tang
The staff deserves credit and special mention in going the distance to make the baby settling down and familiarise with the environment before snapping up lots of Kodak moments.
Charles Tang
The staff even made the effort to play and talk with our baby for which lowering their guard and anxiety made her more eager to join the fun.
Charles Tang
If you're thinking of snapping up those precious Kodak moments or eager to fill those empty photo frames with lovely memories, then don't look elsewhere. This place is it. One happy family with lovely Kodak moments!
Charles Tang

Identity Photo

30 Minutes Private Session
$ 580
  • 1 Fine Retouched Images
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • Skillful Assistant to Amuse Your Kids
  • Suitable For All Ages
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